Delectable Dinners


Filled with vegetables, topped with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic reduction

Grilled eggplant, rolled with cheeses and marinara sauce

Handmade, served with a light tomato sauce topped with ricotta cheese

Traditional Oreganata or Casino style with chopped bacon and red peppers

Served with marinara sauce

Beefsteak tomatoes, mixed greens served with tartar sauce

Tomatoes, roasted peppers and olive oil

Spicy rock shrimp in a scampi sauce

Roasted portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers over arugula, topped with shaved parmesan, oil and vinegar

Fontina cheese, cherry peppers, white wine and olive oil

Mushroom caps in a white wine sauce

Succulent shrimp, lightly fried, tossed in a spicy cream sauce, served with a tangy cucumber salad

Four cheeses with lobster meat

Served with house steak sauce


Raw Bar



Half fresh avocado filled with lump crab meat and drizzled with a light spicy sriracha sauce


With tomatoes tossed with house vinaigrette dressing

Romaine hearts, rustic house made croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese

Thick cut tomato, onion, drizzled with first press oil

With mixed greens, lump crabmeat, red onion and sliced apples

Arugula with green apples, pecans, dried cranberries and crumbled blue cheese, drizzled with olive oil and vinegar

Iceberg lettuce, bacon and avocado with blue cheese dressing

With strawberries, Asian pears, pecans and goat cheese

Avocado, artichoke hearts, asparagus, hearts of palm and baby mixed greens

Seafood & Specialties

Norwegian salmon with mixed vegetables in a light roasted pepper coulis

Over broccoli rabe, garlic, olive oil with balsamic drizzle

Lightly breaded and baked with roasted potato and vegetables

Jumbo shrimp, white wine, olive oil and fresh herbs over linguine

Pasta with shrimp, scallops, clams and calamari in red sauce

Pasta with white or red clam sauce

Homemade white and black tagliatelle with lobster in a light cream sauce

Ad mushrooms or veggies 8. - Shrimp 14. -Lobster 21.

Grilled eggplant slices layered with basil, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses in a tomato sauce

Fresh pasta with ground beef, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese

Homemade ravioli filled with spinach and Ricotta cheese in a fresh tomato sauce

Hand cut chicken breast with sausage, cherry and red bell peppers in a white wine sauce served with mashed potatoes

Pan seared chicken breast served with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and black olives in a light lemon olive oil sauce

Pan seared with spinach, tomato, mozzarella in white wine sauce

Medallions of veal with mixed mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce served with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Scallopini with crab meat, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in a white wine sauce served with mashed potatoes

Steaks & Chops

Tender sirloin strip with an incredible flavor

With rich marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat

Thickly cut and firm: serious steak lovers savor this cut

The finest tenderloin cuts

Aged filet for seven days

Served with mushrooms and onions

44oz of prime beef with the rich flavor of a strip and the tenderness of a filet

A beautiful 44oz extremely tender rib eye grilled to your liking

Topped with arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onion and tossed with a red wine vinegar

Mashed potatoes and natural reduction

Entree Compliments


8oz, Surf and Turf with any steak


3 large shrimp dusted with blackening seasoning and broiled


Fresh creamy blue cheese, garlic and bread crumbs